Universities vs. Apprenticeships

After finishing college, it is time to think about your future career all the more seriously.

The two main considerations to make are whether you want to continue your education in a formal setting, or whether you want to start some work based learning?

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Grammar schools: do they work?

There has been a lot of fuss about grammar schools recently since Prime Minister Theresa May stated her intention to lift the ban on the creation of new grammars.

This has led to many bitter arguments as to whether grammar schools work, with opponents on both sides of the argument stating vastly different opinions. So, what is the truth?

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Raising Aspiration with Parental Engagement

When schools are looking to raise aspiration, parental power is an invaluable and powerful way to enhance and introduce enthusiasm and motivation.

Success is seen at its highest when schools and parents work together as a partnership, but whilst almost all schools involve parents in activities at the school itself, this is parental involvement rather than engagement and does not directly affect achievement as opposed to direct parental engagement which increases aspiration for all the family.

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