Teaching SEND pupils in mainstream classes

Managing the education of SEND pupils has always been a difficult topic.

In the past these children have been ignored, moved into specialist SEND schools, moved back into mainstream schooling with or without additional support, provided with additional funding, had funding removed, taught in isolation units or excluded altogether.

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5 simple strategies…to teach children how to spot fake news

Fake news is everywhere and, if adults are susceptible, children are even more vulnerable to being hoodwinked by it.

A report delivered by the Commission on Fake News and the Teaching of Critical Literacy Skills found that half of children are worried about being unable to spot fake news while only 2% of them have the critical literacy skills to assess whether a story is fake or not.

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How to discuss violent crime in school

Students across the UK find themselves confronted with violent crime reports and imagery every day.

Even if they don’t actively follow mainstream news, their presence on social media often results in passing knowledge of what’s going on and, equally, schools themselves are compelled to discuss crime when it becomes an issue in local areas or, indeed, with the school itself.

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