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How trying and failing can teach students to overcome problems

Over time there have been more than few vocal commentators who relish an opportunity to criticise the ways in which students are seemingly wrapped in cotton wool. In some environments, children are not taught about failing and every attempt to achieve is considered a success.

Yet amongst all the hyperbole and media bias, there’s an important question at the centre of it all – do they have a point? And more importantly, should we allow our children to try and fail?

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How can you help prepare students for university life?

For many students, university life can be an experience that is both exciting and terrifying, as many young people find themselves completely unprepared for this new step in their education, both in terms of the learning style and the way of life.

Often, going to university is the first time that students have lived away from home, and the lack of parental oversight can be both liberating and a shock to the system.

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5 simple strategies…to manage your workload

How easily do you manage your workload in school?

90% of teachers have seriously thought about abandoning their career due to their ever-increasing workload (NUT Survey, September 2014).

Even more concerning is the fact that as many as half of all teachers have reported that they’ve seen a doctor due to work-related mental or physical illness (BBC).

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Using mindfulness to help overcome stress

Exam times are a very stressful period for students, and while a small amount of stress can be motivational, too much is the opposite and means that students won’t be able to perform at their best.

But what can be done to alleviate stress during this very important time? Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword at the moment and it’s easy to dismiss it as the latest fad.

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5 simple strategies…to combat procrastination

Procrastination is often a tool of avoidance – something to block out our thoughts or need to address that painful task, intimidating challenge or mind-numbing chore. You already understand what you need to do and why, now is the time to do it.

46% of us who procrastinate report that it negatively impacts our life “very much” (46%) or “extremely” (18%) (Brandon Gaille). Whatever the facts of the matter, it’s clear that many of us waste our times on tasks that don’t matter.

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