5 potential career paths…for English students

“Are you going to be a teacher when you get older?” is a question that many English students will hear during their time at university.

Whilst it is true that a significant number of English students love the idea of teaching after completing their degree (and there is nothing wrong with that – this is an education blog after all!), there is a variety of  potential career paths for English students.

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Why your school needs a craft club

Crafting has all kinds of mental and educational benefits. So if you want to improve your students’ behaviour, wellbeing and more, it’s time to start a craft club.

You can hardly have missed the rise in popularity of traditional activities – we have the Great British Sewing Bee, Channel 4 paying millions to take over the broadcasting of a baking show, and you probably know at least one person who knits or crochets. Crafting is big news.

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5 Simple strategies…to encourage reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure is starting to feel like a lost art. It is something that every primary school student is encouraged to do but they often find other pastimes more appealing as they grow up.

Whether this is due to lack of motivation at home or at school is often down to individual cases. Reading is an important tool for every child and adult, as it keeps the imagination active and also helps to further learning in general – deepening cognitive ability.

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